Graduated with honours in economics from the University of Tirana. The first job was in the Textile Combine in Tirana, a typical socialist large enterprise that marked the first contact with the practical application of an economy stiffed in centralised plans. At the same time, she started teaching "Organisation and Planning of Industrial Enterprises" at Tirana University.


With the advent of political pluralism began the end of a downward spiral of State-owned undertakings into bankruptcy and, for the first time, the threat of mass unemployment.


Linda left Albania for the Prague-based Central European University to pursue advanced postgraduate studies in economics, as a first confrontation with the major dilemmas of the time, as an opportunity to understand the unimaginable challenge to be faced and as an urge to be oriented in a new era.


She returned to her part-time engagement as lecturer, teaching International Finance at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics and later on as a lecturer of Public Policies and Public Risk Management at the European University of Tirana. She specialised in public policies, labor market and private sector development, working at the same time with important international projects.


She obtained a PhD in Economic Sciences on the thesis of economic reform and mass privatisation in Albania.



After re-entering Albania holding a Master’s Degree in Economy and with a strong intent of serving the State, she started working for the National Privatisation Agency. Notions like joint-stock companies, mass privatisations, stocks, investment funds, stock markets etc. were key words of her contribution in country's efforts for establishing the new economic system.


Contributed for three years as a Member of the Supervisory Board of the Shares Registration Centre that preceded the establishment of the stock market institution in Albania.


Started work as Director General of the National Privatisation Agency, directly under the Prime Minister’s Office, when Albania was weathering the disastrous consequences of a Ponzi-scheme system falling to pieces that lead the country to a second devastation.


Contributed for three years as Member of the Steering Committee of the American Bank of Investment.



In a country that was economically on its knees due to the crises, but nonetheless undefeated in the face of the future, Linda co-founded one of the first independent think tanks in Albania, the Human Development Promotion Centre, to precede the challenges that were shaping up and promote and constructively address the discourses concerning economy, governance, human development.


A champion of volunteering for issues relevant to human rights and civil society in Albania, Linda is one of the co-founders of the Albanian Children Alliance and an advocator of the "Say Yes for Children" Campaign, which is a forerunner of the Global Movement for Children, 2002.


Accredited contributor in the meetings of the UN Preparatory Committee for the Special Session of the General Assembly on Children.


Contributed for five years as Member and Chair of the Supervisory Board of the Open Society Foundation for Albania.


Author, co-author and contributor of dozens of research papers, reports, articles on economy, good governance, public policies, human development, local government, which, in addition to the academic interest, were motivated by the sensitivity towards the most vulnerable groups, including women, children, vulnerable categories, people with disabilities or minorities.

The scientific research on a vast range of socio - economic issues remains an integral part of Mrs. Rama's professional journey. A distinct sensitivity toward the issues faced in local communities and the willingness to have an impact on addressing development challenges has been the central and constant motivation behind her effort to give back to the society.